Cómo preparar tu casa para la llegada del Ratoncito Pérez.

How to prepare your house for the arrival of the Pérez Mouse.

Suddenly your daughter @ appears, with a smile from ear to ear and you notice something strange, something doesn't add up... why is she more faith @ today? . He opens his fist that was kept closed almost tightly, to reveal a small and shiny... tooth?

Did you think that since his tooth began to move, your daughter was going to leave him alone?

Your daughter has been using her tongue as if it were a drill ever since. The tooth has undergone a swing similar to that of the Viking ship at the fair, until in a final movement, it has bid farewell to its gums forever.

teeth and gums

Something that would terrify any adult, for your daughter it is a dream event. And it is that that smile from ear to ear is fed by a single idea... THE LITTLE MOUSE PEREZ IS COMING.

Have you prepared your house for the arrival of the Pérez Mouse?

Over the years, the Tooth Fairy has been assuming more responsibilities and more work. Many homes to visit, many pillows to raise to leave the rewards for the children, all in a reduced time frame to avoid being seen.

To expedite travel, the Little Mouse Pérez asked for help to create tunnels that would connect the children's rooms with his workshop. The workers of the Málaga metro worked tirelessly until they managed to connect all the homes with the Ratoncito Pérez workshop (that is why the works of the Málaga metro are suffering continuous delays :) ). These tunnels, together with the installation of a MAGIC DOOR for the Pérez Mouse, make it possible for the little mouse to reach the house in a few seconds, pick up the tooth and leave his gift to the children. 

Don't you have a magical door of the Pérez Mouse?  Do not panic.

Without magic door, the tunnel is behind the wall of the room and therefore the little mouse cannot access  to take the tooth. But do not spread panic.

We offer you different models of magic doors, which will prepare your house for the arrival of the little mouse Pérez. You can buy them here.

In addition, as assistants of the Pérez Mouse, we will take care of all the procedures to carry out your  high in the  CHONDI (Census of Households with Children of Teeth

tooth fairy door

Little Mouse Pérez articles.

We make our doors one by one, with love and care, because we know the illusion and joy that they will bring to your homes.

They are designed, 3D printed and assembled at Estación de Cártama, Málaga. Made with non-toxic material based on vegetable starches, although its touch, resistance and consistency is very similar to that of plastic.

Soon we will tell you the story and the secrets behind the manufacture of our magical doors.

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