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Ratoncito Pérez milk teeth storage box.

Ratoncito Pérez milk teeth storage box.

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- Box to store milk teeth with the face of the Little Mouse Pérez. Includes a golden coin with a silhouette of the little mouse to put under the boy's or girl's pillow. Unlike other existing boxes, this box is simple, easy to use and with a children's design that greatly attracts the attention of children and adults.

-You can keep it lying down, but if you put it upright, the little mouse will emit a rocking movement that children love.

- It is a product made with love, designed and produced in Spain, one by one with top quality materials and respectful with the environment.

- Before storing the milk tooth, it is recommended to boil it in water for at least 6 minutes to sterilize it. Let it dry completely before storing it in the box.

-Measurements: Width: 9.7cm, Height: 7.2cm, Depth: 1.6cm.

Coin size: 4.2 cm in diameter.

Unique design and artisan manufacturing in Malaga, Spain.

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